Wednesday, May 7, 2008

end of the year

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Welcome to our last blog. We have about 19 days left .We are finishing our year with a contemporary view of US problems and concerns.We have speakers every Tues/Thurs. You must fill out the colored speaker sheet each day. If you miss a day you must find out which topic you missed and then find an online article to read and complete a fleemap page of notes.You need a total of 9 speaker sheets handed in with your final project.The final is made up of a problem that you choose from my list of topics that you will solve by using maps to prove your solution.You must complete 11 draft maps ,about 2 each lab sesson.Then organize the final map and narration about how you solved the problem into a powerpoint presentation. You will have 1 hour to get ready ,and 1 hour to present and peer review your final project.
Topics are : Peace,Elections,Native Americans/Minn,Iraq War Vets,World Population,Edina City Gov.,Civic lLaw.
Have fun and be good ! Mrs. G

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Viet nam photo essay

The photo essay consisting of 10 pictures from your group collection and the narrative on a power point that will run continuosly is due this Friady.Also all questions and the entire green pack is also due.We start our May term on Thursday with our first speaker.It should be very interesting.I hope to be back on Weds. when we will finish the film and any reading left.My mother ended up with a pacemaker operation and then to top it off she caught a cold in the hospital.I will bring her home soon and hope we can get back to normal. Thank you for all your patience and hard work Mrs.G

Monday, April 14, 2008

May term for jr.

The last month of our year will be spent studying present topics.We will have speakers on tues /thurs during the month.The other days will be spent reading and researching the topics.Your final will be a problem solving project that will use all our maps. You will choose from my topic list only. All lab days will be filled with the completion of this project.You will present your findings on your assigned day of fianls.I will give a day by day list soon.


We are studying Vietnam by reading a book and doing a research project on one of the characters.The following is an approximate list of assignments.
April 14-18
Read along:Mon:chap.6/7,Tues/Weds.8/10(long hour),Thurs:quest. and Quiz on 3-7
Fri: labGroup question worksheet questions and 3 more quotes and pictures.

April 21-25 Mon:11-13, book lecture q's and green pack.
Fri:Finish project
April 28-May3 Mon 19-20-21
Weds. finish film and q'sbegins/speaker
Thurs.May term for Jr. begins
Fri:Project due and quote quiz in lab.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

End of the quarter info.

Your quarter grades are the Civil Rights and Cold War units.The next unit will be a short 5 day unit on Nixon and these grades will be the first of your 4th and final quarter.The seminar we did on Thursday is your last grade of this quarter and I will put these grades in on Thursday so check ed-line for your 3rd quarter grade before you go on vacation.
Friday in the lab we will do a question sheet online about Watergate. It will be due at the end of the short hour and be apart of the 4th quarter grade.The web site is
or google The Watergate Scandal Webquest and find the address above.
Here is the daily plan for the rest of this quarter:
Fri.-Lab Watergate end of 3rd quarter grades
Mon.-RUA the Nixon hand out sec.1 and 2 and do the bubble map and multiflow map.
You may reflect in the margin.This is due at the end of the hour.
Tues.-RUA sec.3 and 4 and finish last two maps.Due at the end of the hour.
Weds. View Nixon film and fill out questions and hand in.
Thurs.View film finish questions.
Fri. Lab. Read A long Shawdow. Make a online flee map on Following Felts Trail. Notice the flow map he used.Write 3 paragraph online essay on Why a source took on a president and why Nixons fall shapes us today.Due at the end of the hour.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

For Your Information

We have a quiz on Friday on the book reading.The project is due on Monday.We will gather the assignments you handed in and put into a folder to be peer reviewed next week. We will do a Seminar to finish off the unit.I will put grades in next week.I will not be in class on Friday. I may have to take several more days off to take care of my 93 year old mother who has macular degeneration which is causing her to go blind. We are desparately trying to save the eyesight she has by doing small surgeries.This includes shots into the eye and other really painful things. So please have patience. You all know what the expectations are in the lab by now so I hope you will be respectful to the subs and media staff.You are my last classes as a full time teacher. I will retire after 30 years teaching.I want this to be a meaningful year for me as well as you so let's have fun and hang in there . Only 11 more weeks and you will be seniors.Ms.G

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Cold War project

I changed the due date last week to March 17. It is on the board.If you handed it in early you need to pick it up .It needs a bit of work. The paragraphs need to be at least 6 sentences long and include why YOU think the event is most important.A mere explanation of the event will not count.The second quiz will be on the book reading so be sure you have finished your online chapter page 600-631.